Blended Cart

Blended Cart

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Groundbreaking new cannabinoids hit the market! Users come to love Delta 8 – now experience the transcending all in a convenient 1-gram and 2-gram Suncanna vape cart. With Suncanna’s powerful 900mg/1800mg adding to the delicious terpene flavors – you’re in for a treat! Choose from these amazing flavors!

  • New cannabinoids: Delta 8 and HHC
  • Suncanna 1-gram and 2-gram vape carts
  • 1000mg/2000mg of cannabinoids and terpene flavors
  • Variety of flavors
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Sour Diesel 1g, Strawberry 1g, Pineapple Kush 1g, Melon Gum 1g, Apple Jacks 1g, Blueberry 1g, Skywalker HHC 1g, Bomb Pop 1g, Sour Diesel 2g, Strawberry 2g, Hawaiian Haze D8 2g, Bubble Gum D8 2g, Bomb Pop 2g, Okeechobee Purple D8 2g


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