Suncanna Mushroom Gummies

Suncanna Mushroom Gummies

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Across the country, Americans are looking for a legal alternative to psychedelic mushrooms. Suncanna now offers you: Amanita Muscaria, the colorful mushroom known as fly agaric, as most of you know Toad’s character in Super Mario. Suncanna Mushroom Gummies aren’t just recognized for their earthy appearance, they are the most popular for their strength containing 350mg. It’s quickly gaining a reputation as the delta-8 of mushrooms – it’s completely legal.– They do not contain any Psilocybin. These gummies are pectin-based gummies, gelatin-free and vegan-friendly. All Suncanna products are lab tested for purity and quality. Choose from these amazing flavors, Blueberry, Green Apple, Mango, and Strawberry.

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Blueberry, Green Apple, Mango, Strawberry


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